1. Use Your Phone as a surveillance Camera

You can turn your android phone into a security camera. IP Webcam is an amazing android app that can stream your Android mobile camera screen to your PC.


2. Mirror and Control your Android Screen from PC

Splashtop is RDP Android app, which can control and mirror your PC screen to Android mobile. This very fast streaming app, you can watch PC movies in android mobile from this app.


3. Wirelessly Transfer Files Android to PC

Airdroid 3  transfer files between your PC and Android mobile wirelessly. You can control your android mobile, from PC browser with this Android app.


4. Control Your PC from Anywhere

Teamviewer well knows  Android app for controlling your PC from anywhere in the world.

5. Run Linux OS in Android Mobile

This is amazing you run whole Linux os in your android mobile. You can use your Android phone as a pen testing machine from running Backtrack Linux in Android Mobile.

6. Type Hindi in Android Mobile

You can also type Hindi in your android mobile from Google Hindi Font App.


7. Unlock your Android Phone from SMS

If you forget your Android Mobile Pattern or Forget your Passcode, you can bypass this by sending SMS.

8. See the World in Panaroma

Panaroma App

9. Record your Android Mobile Screen

You can also record your android mobile screen from FREE screen recorder NO ROOT. You can use this app for making android phone tutorial.

10. Play Multiplayer Local Wifi Games in Android Mobile

You can also play local wi-fi multiplayer games with your Android mobile friends.


11. Zoom into Everything in Phone

Go to Settings> Accessibility> Magnification Gestures to switch on the zoom setting and choose which feature you’d like.


12. Encrypt your Phone

Settings > Security > choose a PIN or password > Encrypt phone > Encrypt SD Card. This protects all of the data and password on your phone by encrypting your data.

13. Customize your Home screen from Launcher Apps

Customize your Android phone home screen from Launcher Android apps. You can download Nova and Go Launcher from Google Play Store.

14. See your Current Net Speed in Status Bar

You can always check your current internet speed in your android mobile from Internet Speed Lite Meter app.


15. Check your Heart Beat Rate from Android Phone

Now you know you live heart beat rate from Instant Heart Rate Android App.

16. Get Android Mobile Notifications at your Desktop

Download Pushbullet App for getting all Android Mobile Notification in your Desktop.

17. Connect Mouse with your Android Phone

Control your Android Mobile Device from Wireless Mouse.

18. Block Spamming and Unknown Calls in Android Phone

Block unknown calls that comes from a company or from unknown sources. Truecaller identifies caller and block calls in your android mobile.

19. Multitask in Phone from Loading Background Links

Flynx is yet multitasking amazing Android app; you can open web links without closing another Android app. Eg: If you found links in twitter android app, Click on that a pop-up open and check website without closing twitter android app.

20. Call Anyone without dialing Number

You can do this thing from Google Now, Open Google by saying “Ok Google,” this feature works in 5.0. If you are running 4.4 below download, Nova Launcher for automatically turns on Google when you speak.Speak your number and Google will call you on that number, so you don’t touch your Android phone.

21. Identify and Discover Music from Listening

Shazam and Musixmatch identifies music from listening. You can identify any music with this Android app from only listening.

22. High-Speed Data Transfer from Phone to Phone

We all know Bluetooth is the old way to transfer data between phone to phone. Download Shareit and Xender for transferring data between phone to phone up to 5MB/s.


23. Edit Videos in Android Mobile

Edit Videos in Android mobile and you can also add music to your videos with Magisto Video Editor and Inshot Android App.


24. See your Current Location

Know your current location and attitude with Google Maps Android App.

25. See Your World in 3D

With Google Earth app, you can see your world and buildings in 3D Maps.


26. Search anything from taking Picture

Now you can search anything from taking a picture from Google Goggles Android app. You can also scan QR Code or Solve Sudoku from this app.

27. Keep Your Ideas Safe on Cloud and Mobile

Always save your new ideas in Android Mobile for future. Google Keep stored your ideas in mobile and Cloud.

28. Edit Photos with Professional Tool

Autodesk Pixlr is photo editing tools for editing photos in android mobile with many professional tools.


29. Solve Hard Math Problems

If you are a student, and you want to solve some math problems, you can solve your all type of Math Problems with Fraction Calculator and Myscript Calculator.


30. Backup your Photos and Videos to Cloud Storage

We always worried about our pictures and videos from losing. So always make the backup of your photos and videos to cloud services.Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive


31. Use Your Phone as a Decibel Meter

You can use the microphone for measure environmental noise. Decibel Meter and Sound Meter is a good android app for measure environmental noise.

32. Run Linux Commands in Android

Download Terminal Emulator for running your Linux commands in Android Phone.


33. Use Your Phone as a Web Server

Make your  Android phone like a Computer server. You can run whole websites on it and manage your databases from KSWEB Server and Palapa Web Server.


34. Hack your Device and Enter Engineering Mode in Android

Explore Engineering mode in the android phone from Uncle tools Android app.

35. Make your Phone Look Like iPhone

Give a new look to your android phone from iPhone Launcher Android apps.

36. Custom App Icons Pack for Android Mobile

You can change and look the feel of your app icons in the phone. Download and Install, custom app icon, pack for the phone. Moonshine Icon Pack is popular icon pack for Android mobile.

37. Boot your PC from ISO image stored in your Phone

You can also boot your PC from an Android mobile. Drivedroid is the amazing Android that can run live Linux on your PC.

38. Connect External USB to Android Phone

Stickmount run external USB or pen drive run in your android phone. With this app, you can explore your pen drive data in your phone.

39. Play PSP Games in Phone

PPSSPP Emulator runs PSP games in your android mobile.

40. Run Media Player in Android Phone

Kodi is the latest version of XBMC media player. This player runs on TV and PC. But this beautiful media player also comes for android mobile.


41. Increase Your Android Phone RAM in one CLICK

If your phone performance is very low, So you can increase your phone ram from swapping your memory card.

Read Full Guide: How To Increase RAM in Android Phone (One Click)

42. Identify Medical Pills from Your Android Phone

You can also know about every medicine from your Android phone. Just download Healthkart and Medscape  and Medical Wikipedia (Offline) Android apps from Google Play Store.

43. Hack Games Scores from Android Mobile

Gameguardian is a game hacking android app that change the value of your Android games scores and coins.

44. Play NES Game from Emulator Android Game

Play your Favourite Super Mario and Contra Game in Android mobile for free with NES Emulator.


45. Know What Your Friends Playing in Android Playing

Download Google Play Games App game from android mobile and see what your friends are playing in android mobile. You can also know which player has the highest score in any game with this app.


46. Build Your Cinema Theater at Home from Android Mobile


47. Amplify Your Phone Music from a Paper Cup


48. See Sky Space in Virtual 3D from Your Android Phone

Want to knows more about outside the Earth, download Starchart Android app and enjoys the real experience of space sky in your android mobile.

49. Know Current Weather in your Area

Open Google Now app and ask “weather” and you will know the current weather in your area in your mobile.

50. Create Recycle Bin in Your Android Phone Like Computer

Dumpster Android app create recycle bin in your android phone. If somehow you deleted any android files accidentally, you can recover it through dumpster Android app.

51. Capture 3D or Moving Picture in Your Android Phone

Download Phogy Android app from Google Play Store for capturing a 3D picture in android phone.

52. Convert Your Android Mobile into SLR camera and take Lens Blur Photo in Phone

DSLR Blur Photo app can capture lens blur photo in your phone. See below pictures and you see what is lens blur effect in the photo. Download this free app from Google Play Store.

53. Remove Emergency Call Button from Your Lockscreen App

Hi Locker – Your Lock Screen

55. Control Light of your house from your phone

Control your home lights from your Android phone from Philips Hue Android app.

56. Capture Time Lapse Video in your android phone.

Time lapse is the new way to capturing video in your android phone from  Microsoft Hyper Lapse Android app.


57. Clone your android phone to another android phone

CLONEit can backup and transfer 12 types of mobile data from one phone to another in two easy steps, without the need for a cable, a computer or network.

58. Stop Phone Alarm Clock in the Morning from your Voice

Now you can stop your Alarm clock in the morning from your voice with the help of this Wake Voice Alarm Clock app.


59. How to Set Random Caller Ringtones in You Android Phone

RandTune is an amazing app that can set random caller ringtones on your Android phone. So you can listen to new ringtones whenever your phone rings.

60. How to Play Music with Lyrics in Android with Musixmatch

Play music with lyrics in your android phone with Musixmatch App.






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