LG Electronics’ lightweight laptop, dubbed the Gram 14, has been registered as the world’s lightest 14-inch laptop computer with Guinness World Records, the company said Thursday.

The Guinness World Records compared the weight of over 70 14-inch laptops and announced the Gram 14 as the lightest. For the 2017 edition, LG Electronics has reduced the weight of the Gram 14 to 860 grams, down from 980 grams of previous editions.

Last year, the 15.6-inch version of Gram laptop, called the Gram 15, was also named as the lightest 15-inch-class laptop in the world at 980 grams by Guinness World Records.

LG Electronics launched the Gram lightweight slim laptop series in 2014 and has diversified the screen size from 13.3-inch to include 14-inch and 15.6-inch. Regardless of the size, all Gram laptops weigh less than 1 kilogram.