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About Me

Hi, if you’re new here (which I am assuming you are as this is my first public post), then welcome to my Tech blog!

My name is Rohit and I am working as Software Engineer and Tech Addicted Boy 😉 in India. I have always been interested in this.
I love what I do and put everything into every piece of work that I do.

That includes websites, apps, Mobile spcification, reviews, letest tech information, Laptop information etc etc etc…

Now I’m just going to throw this out there… I am not the world’s best tech reviewer and I am in no way claiming to be. This blog is more

about provide lots of letest information new product so user can buy the product with worth price.

So if this sounds like something you may be interested then feel free to let me know by commenting on my posts or by following me Twitter and Facebook.


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